58. Jahrestagung Swiss Plastic Surgery
10. Jahrestagung Swiss Aesthetic Surgery

Digital Poster Exhibition
57th Annual Meeting Swiss Plastic Surgery


20 years of long-term results after DIEP breast reconstruction - what has changed?

E. Fritsche
Cantonal Hospital Lucerne

3D custom made silicone implants for correction of pectus excavatum – a case series

J. Watson
University Hospital Zurich

A new player for dermis reconstruction

J.-P. Johner
Cantonal Hospital Aarau

Case report - Liposuction with consequences: what to consider when using prilocaine

J. M. Mayer
Cantonal Hospital Frauenfeld

Complications of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures: case series

F. Ulrich
University Hospital of Lausanne

Contemporary concepts of primary dynamic facial nerve reconstruction in the oncologic patient

H. J. Klein
University Hospital Zurich

Free omental lymphatic flap with robotic harvesting for treatment of lymphedema after axillary lymph node dissection

J. Triolo
Geneva University Hospital

Frostbites during the COVID-19 pandemic

B. Tafrishi
University Hospital Zurich

How do you untie the Gordian knot in a complex orthoplastic case?

N. Leuenberger
Cantonal Hospital Lucerne

Human-Platelet Lysate Serum as a potential clinical-translatable supplement to support human adipose-derived stem cells neurotrophic properties

M. Guiotto
University Hospital of Lausanne, University of Glasgow

Infraorbital subcutaneous intravascular lobular capillary hemangioma following rhinoplasty

B. Kaiser
University Hospital Basel

It is never too late for a free flap to treat chronic osteomyelitis after fracture-related infection

T. Schweizer
University Hospital Basel

Knee extensor apparatus reconstruction with MSAP-gastrocnemius and patella allograft

R. Osinga
Glasgow Royal Infirmary, University Hospital Basel

Lactational performance after breast reduction surgery: What do we know about it? - An update

E. Kulakli-Inceleme
Cantonal Hospital Lucerne

Lateral to medial tension Mastopexy

P. Fallscheer
Private Practice

Less names – improved clinical accuracy. Eponyms in hand surgery

C. Bauer
Klinikum Kulmbach

Microsurgery training without living animals : a new cursus in Switzerland

N. Balagué
Hospital Sion

Multispectral optoacoustic imaging for preoperative mapping of lymph vessels

L. Grünherz
University Hospital Zurich

Novosorb - Experience with a new dermal substitute

C. Barbon
University Hospital Zurich

Patient-reported outcomes after lymphatic surgery – a prospective data evaluation from the Zurich Lymph Registry

L. Grünherz
University Hospital Zurich

Pelvic reconstruction after large sacral chordoma resection using acellular dermal matrix and double pedicled Gracilis muscle flap combined with gluteal fasciocutaneous rotation flap

J. Triolo
Geneva University Hospital

Prepectoral hybrid breast reconstruction: Synergy of autologous fat grafting and breast implants

D. Brucato
Cantonal Hospital Lugano

Rates of insurance denial for breast surgery: A systematic review of the literature

J. Hayau
Geneva University Hospital

Reconstruction of a large maxillary defect with an engineered, vascularized, prefabricated bone graft

A. Haumer
University Hospital Basel

Reconstruction of meatus accusticus externus - ideal indication for skin and muscle chimeric SKIP flap

D. Winterholer
Cantonal Hospital Lucerne

Rintala flap and Posterior Perichrondrial Cutaneous Graft (PCCG) - a combined approach for nasal tip reconstruction

E. Eseme
Geneva University Hospital

Sacral chordoma: A population-based analysis of epidemiology and survival outcomes with focus on surgery and radiotherapy.

M. Scampa
Geneva University Hospital

Soft-tissue and incision management in breast surgery – proof of concept using next generation closed incision negative-pressure wound therapy for high risk patients

S. Targosinski
Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen

Split breast technique - How the reduction mammaplasty can be used as a perforator based free flap for breast reconstruction

C. Fritz
Cantonal Hospital Lucerne

Suicide Attempt – Cardioplegic Solution - Migraine Surgery: Comprehensive care for a Hand Amputation

K. Mende
University Hospital Basel

The impact of age on patient-reported outcomes after oncoplastic versus conventional breast cancer surgery

M. Ritter
University Hospital Basel

The impact of delayed wound healing on patient-reported outcomes after breast cancer surgery

L. Zehnpfennig
University Hospital Basel

The role of negative pressure wound therapy with or without instillation in orthoplastic surgery

L. De Pellegrin
Regional Hospital Mendrisio

The “Sombrero-shape” super-thin pedicled ALT flap for complete scrotal reconstruction following fournier’s gangrene: A case report

G. Sapino
University Hospital of Lausanne
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